mother and daughter on gozo – 2

We were delighted to reach Xlendi at last and put our hot, tired feet in the cool, clear water.  One note, the water really is that blue.  The camera didn’t manage to catch how much the water sparkled, but it was simply beautiful.  There were scuba divers and people snorkeling and just swimming.  We wished for our suits, but caught the bus instead.

Xlendi Bay

Soothing our toes in the clear, clear water

We would have loved to hop in, but since we didn’t have our suits along and a bus was due in 15 minutes, we took that instead.

I rode with Jessa back to Mgarr where she caught the ferry.  I took the bus back to Victoria/Rabat and Manresa.  It was lovely to spend the day with Jessa here.  When we had trouble finding the retreat house, it was a real gift to have her company.  She is more experienced here, and better at communicating with folks who struggle with my English – seems she has learned to ask questions in brief ways that get results.  And I really enjoyed hiking together in such dramatic settings as we talked about life.  I was sad to send her back to Sliema.  Thanks for coming with me, Jess.

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