no bicycle for me

I had originally planned to hire a bicycle while in Malta and Gozo.  Then I learned that much of where I was going to be on Malta is more uban and would be very difficult to bike.  So I figured I’d just hire a bike when I got to Gozo and use it to get around there. 

Well, now that I have seen the roads and the traffic in both locations, I am sure I have no business on a bike in the midst of any of it! 

In Sliema, there are narrow, buy streets filled with quick drivers, motorbikes and busses.  The sidewalks are full of pedestrians and the side streets are not much wider than one lane.  The roads between towns are probably more manageable, but there is plenty of city to bike thorough to get out into the countryside.  There is enough walking and bus riding to keep me mobile and active.

I was holding out hope that Gozo would be the place to bike.  There certainly is less traffic sometimes, but for the most part, the roads I am near are narrower, and there are still busses and cars and pedestrians and lots of motorbikes, and here there are more trucks!  I realized there is not a line down the center of the roads here.  The “lanes” adjust depending on who needs to share the road at any given time.

When I was walking back to Manresa from Victoria/Rabat on Monday afternoon, I watched the traffic out front of the Retreat House. When I saw these two cars pass each other just outside the building, I imagined myself on a bike in that tiny space on the right.  That’s when I decided to walk.



Cars passing on the road outside Manresa Retreat House

(by the way, the usable road actually gets even narrower in front of the house – note the parked cars along the building) 

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