winds and more winds

Starting sometime Wednesday afternoon, the winds have risen.  “Gale force winds” one of the locals told me.  Though I don’t know just what that means,  he said this in a way that indicated it was significant.  Windy doesn’t quite say it clearly enough.  Constant winds and strong gusts.  A quiet roar constantly outside the window.  The occasional ding from a distant bell pushed into ringing by the wind.  And birds still chirping. 

Winds in the garden last evening – hard to see movement, I realize


Mind you, when I shut the window and fasten it, the noise is dramatically decreased.  The walls are a meter thick on this level (5 1/2 ft on the level below), so the house will stand, like it has for more than 200 years.  And I have kept my window open.  The breeze that makes its way in refreshes me and makes the thin white curtain move in a sort of dance with each gust that tears by.  And all the while, the traffic still whizzes by and the birds sing on.


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